Need help with your projects? Do your projects take longer than they should and cost more than they should? Are you new to project management? Are you confused about how to start a project? We can help you solve these challenges and more. Our training and coaching/consulting will make a positive difference for you and your team!
  • What is Project Management? What is Project Management? Do you need to learn about project management? Are you tired of your projects failing? Tired of missed deadlines and over-budget projects that don’t perform? There is a better way-the Winning Way! We show you how to win at project management. We specialize in getting individuals, teams, and entire organizations up to speed on the essentials of project management. Our flagship course called ‘Winning at Project Management’ takes only two days. However, the impact of this training will be positively felt for a long time. Contact us today to find out more!
  • Why improve your projects? Why improve your projects? Do you run projects or do they run you? Are you struggling with getting projects completed on time and within budget? Is your current project management “system” broke? Do you even have a system? In many cases, all that is needed is a little attention to the way we do projects. Perhaps you need some help solving a few nagging systematic project issues. We can help! We sit down with you and analyze your current project methodology then suggest positive alternatives so that your projects will succeed. Sometimes all that is needed a little “tweak” and other times a complete system overhaul is the only solution. No matter the challenge, we will help. Don’t reinvent the project wheel so to speak—contact us today to start solving this and move forward!
  • Better business through better projects Better business through better projects Many organizations are looking for an edge. Project management can be that difference maker for you or your organization. You will discover the easy and simple tools or methods available right now without complex technology or dozens of people. Speaking of people, they are at the heart of your business and at the heart of your success. People success is project success! We'll show how to unleash this potential for your benefit in your projects.
  • Get Dan's book "Takeoff" Get Dan's book "Takeoff" Do you need a little help but don’t know where to start when it comes to project management? Is project management new to you? Are you a small business or small team looking to get started with project management? Dr. Price’s book shows you the essential elements of project management in a clearly written and easy to read format that is designed just for you! Buy it direct from us or go to for your copy today!


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