Is Project Management Hot?

PM: Is Project Management Hot?

Are you a project manager?  Do you find yourself looking into the field of project management as a possible career move/change?  If you are currently a project manager or contemplating the field, you are on a solid career path!  I viewed a recent article from in which top certifications were examined.  Guess which certification was number one of their list?  Yes, it was the PMP (Project Management Professional) or what others call being a certified project manager.

This was no surprise to me.  For many years now, the Project Management Institute has been saying that project management is critical and in demand.  Specifically, the PMP is in demand.  Many organizations and industries look for people with the PMP because the value of this certification is recognized world-wide.

While having the PMP isn’t an indication of talent or success, it is a step in the right direction.  Successful project managers know that results and performance remain the ultimate measures of success.  Just the same, the PMP never hurts any person’s resume.  Why is it in demand?

In part, I must say that it is quite clear.  We are seeing more and more projects all the time.  More and more work is moving away from the area known as process and morphing into projects.  In a recent University doctorate level leadership class, our text’s author confirmed this movement.  Management guru Tom Peters stated it best years ago when he said that we are transforming into what he calls a “projectized world.”  Look around and you too will see more projects all the time.  Have you ever stopped to consider where these projects are?  Here are some examples—wedding ceremonies, movies, construction, software development, and so much more.  One of my personal favorites is the example of how a movie is produced!  We also see more trends such as “super temps” becoming more widespread.

So if you manage or lead projects now, you are in the right place.  If you have your PMP, congratulations!  If you are considering the PMP and working in the field of project management, I’d like to answer your questions and help you find answers.  Project management has been around in many forms for years and it will continue to be in demand for many, many more.