Project Management Process Improvement Consulting Services

All organizations have processes! The successful ones understand what their project management processes are and how to improve them! We help you identify improvement opportunities in your current processes. We also help you discard the wrong processes and develop new, efficient ones. Our unique management process improvement model is the centerpiece of this critical effort.

We are especially concerned with how your project management processes are aligned with your business strategies. We assist you with alignment of processes and strategy development so the two work together instead against you! Powerful!

We use Dr. Price’s “Four P’s Model” as the centerpiece and starting point. Dr. Price will examine your project management processes from the classic “Triple Constraint” view with attention on scope, schedule, and budget. He examines the quality segment too. And then he moves on to his model’s areas of process, people, planning, and feedback. The unique systematic approach that he uses is truly powerful and results oriented.

The completed product is a roadmap to improved results that is sure to have an immediate and long-lasting positive impact. Using his 30 plus years of management experience, Dan will make a difference!

Need more information? Please email us for a detailed outline of our powerful project management process improvement consulting technique. You will be glad you did!