Project Leadership

Project management is about project leadership, time and change! Learn the lessons from other leaders as they confronted change in their projects. We need Project Leaders now more than ever, but are we doing a good job at preparing our leaders for tomorrow? Find out what you can do. This one-day workshop is great for people who don’t have the project leadership background that may be required for an assignment or for the new project manager. Even experienced project managers will benefit from these new methods that enable people to win as a project leader.

On site or off site — 5-25 attendees please.

Course Outline

You will benefit from this fast moving, practical learning experience in the following ways! You will learn:

  • What the difference is between project management and project leadership
  • What steps you can take the very next day to become a more effective project leader
  • What is meant by “It’s the people…”
  • What a project leader does to get the team to achieve great results, even while under pressure
  • How to make change happen in your organization that benefits your team
  • The success secrets of superior project leaders and executives

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