Project Risk Management

Every project has risk! Every project has change! So how do you manage them? In this powerful two-day course, we show you the way to identify, quantify, and mitigate risks. We offer real-world examples that are sure to help your projects improve. This two-day course is designed for immediate impact!

On site or off site — 10-25 attendees please.

Course Outline

You will benefit from this fast moving, practical learning experience in the following ways! You will:

  • Understand key risk management terms.
  • Discover the six processes in project risk management.
  • Learn what deliverables to include in a risk management plan.
  • Become comfortable with a powerful tool (The probability and impact matrix) so that you can prioritize project risks faster and more accurately.
  • Determine new ways to manage risk in order to save time and money.
  • Learn how to calculate expected value.
  • Discover how to select an appropriate response for a specific risk event.
  • Identify risk register items that can be used to monitor and control risks.
  • Understand what the critical questions are when solving the risk management puzzle.

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