Finding the right speaker for your event can be a challenge—until now!

Dr. Price is a polished and experienced speaker! His presentations on project management will inform, entertain and make you think about how to deal with the challenges you face. Audiences agree–Dan is a great presenter!

Hooked on Projects–What is Project Management?
In this funny and informative look at our working world, Dan gives you the essential elements of successful project management. If you are new to Project Management, this presentation is for you! Dan provides practical information along with real-world stories to give you a better picture of the dreaded “Triple Constraints” (scope, schedule, and budget). He does this in less than an hour! There is no sleeping in this fast-paced, sometimes irreverent look at what many of us do and call “Project Management”. This introduction to Project Management is for any working adult audience.

Project Leadership: It’s About Time and Change!
Project management is about project leadership, time, and change! Learn the lessons other leaders dealt with as they confronted change in their projects. We need Project Leaders now more than ever, but are we doing a good job at preparing our leaders for tomorrow? Find out what you can do. This thought provoking topic is a medium length presentation definitely for business and project management audiences.

Project Team Jazz: Adapt, Improvise, and Survive for Great Performances!
Winning project teams must be able to adapt, improvise, and survive! Learn lessons on how to make your project team like a great jazz band — master the art of improvisation, innovation, and anticipation in project management for great performances. Learn how to handle all of the changes that are thrown at the project team every day! See how to manage multiple projects a little easier and with style! This interesting topic can be customized to fit your time needs. Audiences could include business people, a general audience, and those with a specific project management focus. Project management and Project Team Jazz can have a wide application!

Custom Presentation
Do you have a special event or a conference at which you need a speaker to address a project management or leadership topic?  Let Dr. Price know what you need and he can customize a presentation for your situation.  Whether it will last 30 minutes or an entire day, Dr. Price can work with you to craft the right presentation for your group.  His energy and skills will make a difference for your gathering!  Contact us today!